Sample Collection Guidelines

sample size

How Much Sample Is Enough for Analysis?



3g or mL


Potency with SPecific Density Report

4 mL

bacteria (1) 1

Terpene Profile

3g or mL

Vector (10)

Residual Solvent Screening

3g or mL

pesticide (1) 1


3g or mL

formula 1


3g or mL

bacteria 1


3g or mL

connections 1

Heavy Metals

3g or mL

Vector (12)

Full Panel

20 grams or mL


Note: Your sample should be dry to the touch when you ship it.


Frequently Asked Questions
on Sample Collection Guidelines

We offer quality testing for medical patients who require it. If you're a cannabis grower or manufacturer in need of state compliance tests, please let us know, and we'll come to collect your samples from your location.

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You can view your test results and download your COA through your online client portal.

CannaLabs offers an extensive selection of tests for farmers and researchers who need to know more about the potency, terpenes, solvents, and cannabinoid profiles in their products. 

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