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We provide producers and customers with the information they need to better understand the products through our data-driven approach. We also promote higher safety standards by conducting research that fosters awareness of potential product risks.

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CannaLabs is a leader in the industry, providing fast and reliable analytical results for exhaustive laboratory assessments.

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Our credibility is the foundation of our success. We pride ourselves on providing safe, accurate, and reliable results for all customers.

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Expert and Reliable Results Through and Through

High-Quality Standards

Our rigorous testing process is the best in this industry and has been proven time after time.

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24/7 Service and expedited delivery service available.

Expert Scientists

Our scientists are the cream of the crop and are experts.

Clear and Concise

We want things to be as simple as possible. Our COAs are designed for easier reading and comprehension.

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Our Process

CannaLabs is a leader in the industry, providing fast and reliable analytical results for exhaustive laboratory assessments.


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Easy Sample Submission

Follow our quick and easy guidelines in sample preparation.

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Quick Documentation

Hassle-Free COC Submissions.

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Mail out, drop off, or have us pick up your samples for you!


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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our brand has partnered closely with CannaLabs for years now, and they've never let us down with their prompt delivery and accurate cannabis testing.

Thanks to their partnership, we can confidently try new strains without the risk of buying something that will make our customers sick. We're always transparent about how we feel about different types of weed so that people can find what's right for them, but it doesn't hurt to have a little help from an expert along the way!

Mike Strauss, Arizona

“I've been in the industry for a while, and I know how tough it can be with all the mandated regulations and what-not. We have never had any problems with CannaLabs in delivering high-quality work or being accurate with testing. Plus, their customer service has always been top of the line!”

Angela Stoller
Angela Stoller

"When I need accurate laboratory analysis work done on just about any material, CannaLabs has always been my partner. They can handle large or small projects and their experts are always thorough, diligent, and just the best possible lab professionals you could ask for."

Maya Phillips
Maya Phillips

"I've always been a science nerd, so I was thrilled when CannaLabs became my first choice for laboratory analysis. They have their fingers on the pulse of the cannabis industry's regulations to keep me up-to-date with any significant changes in the regulations, and they never fail to deliver accurate results each time. It really helps that they are very prompt in answering almost all of my queries, too!"

Brett Thompson
Brett Thompson

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